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Exclusive! Jennylyn Mercado's New Business: Chunky Dough

It's Jen's first time venturing into the food industry.
PHOTO: Instagram/chunky_dough

In October 2018, Jennylyn Mercado launched Chunky Dough, a new business that’s very close to her heart. It is an online cookie shop, an idea Jennylyn’s been mulling over for the past decade. Cosmopolitan got all the deets from Jennylyn herself!

What made you start Chunky Dough?

For the past decade, I’ve been trying to find the perfect recipe for the tastiest cookie. After a lot of trial-and-error, I finally did it. As a fan of desserts, I’ve always wanted my cookies to be more than just dough and chocolate. I wanted that extra touch that’ll distinguish mine from the rest. What set our cookies apart are three things: taste, size, and my top secret recipe.

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[Editor’s Note: According to Chunky Dough’s Instagram account, their chocolate is shipped from Australia and the butter came from grass-fed cows from New Zealand.]

Baking has always been a passion of mine. Iyan ang ginagawa ko in between taping and shooting. I usually bring the things I bake to set. Sabi nila sakin, why not market and sell yung mga ginagawa ko?

How did you come up with the name, “Chunky Dough”?

I wanted my cookies to be an experience people could share with their family and friends kaya naisip ko lakihan yung size. The name, naisip ko lang while I was in my shower. “Chunky” because ang dami kong nilalagay na ingredients to make it big, and “dough” na galing sa “cookie dough.”

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Is this your first business?

No, I have a salon. But this is my first time venturing into the food industry! I’ve been baking my cookies since before Jazz was born, and it took me around two months to launch Chunky Dough. It was a little difficult for me since baguhan ako sa pagbenta ng products. With my salon kasi, I have a team with me, and we provide services. This time around, it’s more personal ‘cause from conceptualization, packaging, the products itself, ako mismo ang gumagawa. There are people who help me, of course, like Dennis [Trillo] and my manager Tita Becky [Aguila] as well as Katrina [Aguila], who helps me with marketing.

What is the best part of running Chunky Dough so far? How about the hardest?

The best part is that I’m able to create a business from something I love doing, which is baking. The hardest part? It’s to find the time to bake, lalo na when I’m shooting. I want a more personal approach to selling. Ako mismo ang gagawa. The challenge now is just time management, lalo na ‘pag madami ang mga o-order.

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What are your plans for Chunky Dough for the rest of 2018? Any goals for 2019?

In 2018, I just plan to continue selling my cookies and add another variant (Chunky White Choco Macadamia), but I’m still testing out the recipe before I put it out on the market. Gusto ko perfect siya. Hopefully, by 2019, magkaroon ako ng physical store where everyone can drop by and order the cookies. My dream talaga is to have my own cafe that’ll carry my baked goods plus the drinks and savory dishes I cook for Jazz.

Visit Chunky Dough’s Instagram to find out how to order. The Original Chunky Cookie is P199/piece; The Chunky Chip Walnut Cookie is P249/piece.

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