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9 IG-Worthy Restaurants Near Ortigas Your Office Barkada Can Head To After Clocking Out

From Japanese fried rice to Korean BBQ.

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Never underestimate the power of friendship after a crazy work week. It’s tempting to head straight home after clocking out, but save that for another day. When it’s payday or you got money to spend, have dinner and drinks with your office barkada. The fun you’ll have will wipe out all exhaustion and help you through the most stressful times. Here are some Insta-worthy places near Ortigas for food or drinks:


District 8

District 8’s design will give you and your friends life. The modern, industrial interiors feature street art-inspired illustrations on the walls and a cute lightbulb sign.

The dishes are well-plated and colorful, so they’re easy on the eyes and the ‘gram. Try their take on Wagyu cubes, the creamy Paella y Callos, or the spicy Fried Chicken Taco Rice. Enjoy your order with District 8’s range of special cocktails—one of them, called “Supremo,” is named after co-owner Daniel Padilla.

Kamameshi Town Honten

If you’re in the mood for Japanese, this place’s specialty is kamameshi, a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot. Before steaming, the rice is mixed with ingredients like chicken and salmon and drizzled with various sauces, so it comes out flavorful, soft, and moist. One order of kamameshi is good for sharing, BTW. The menu has a wide variety of dishes, so you can have kamameshi with any ulam you want.

Kamameshi Town Honten’s interiors help you enjoy your meal more. With the high ceiling, wooden panels on the walls, and strings of lanterns hanging across the place, you’ll feel like you’re dining on the streets of Japan.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew

If you and your officemates are craving South American cuisine, you'll love the Latin dishes Tittos serves. The fun music, bright ambiance, and flavorful food make this a great place to celebrate a successful client meeting or hitting target on your sales goals. If you're just in the mood to drink, the restaurant is also home to The Vault, a speakeasy bar disguised as—you guessed it—a vault!

District 8, Kamameshi Town Honten, and Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew are located in Greenhills, San Juan. Other notable restaurants in the area include Gringo and Wildflour.


Bistro Madrid

Any celebration calls for wine and tapas. At Bistro Madrid, you can have your reds with cured meat, plus other Spanish favorites like croquettes and paella—choose from the classic Valencian, squid-ink, and vegetable. The orange walls with cheeky paintings of vegetables easily make the restaurant look quirky. Take cozy group pics by the arched brick walls and kitchen counters designed with illustrated tiles from Spain.


For something classy and relaxed, visit this speakeasy inspired by Winston Churchill, the prime minister of the UK during World War II. He had a reputation of being a heavy drinker, so you can expect that the bar Churchill is the place to go for a good drink. It has a sophisticated retro vibe thanks to the plush sofas and the stone-colored walls dimly lit by small spherical lamps. If you’re seated at the bar, the table’s black marble finish is the perfect background to the bright-colored cocktails. Get The Churchill or an Old Fashioned, then take a pic before you sip.

Bistro Madrid and Churchill are located in Estancia, Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Other notable restaurants in the area are Black Scoop Café and Coco Ichibanya. Also watch out for the opening of The SM Store and the first-ever Ortigas Cinemas in November.


KPub BBQ Tiendesitas

This is KPub’s biggest branch, and it looks like a fun indoor concert space. At the middle of the restaurant, there’s a large screen—like the ones in cinemas—where K-pop videos are projected on for your entertainment. The place is even lit with spotlights. One side emits a green light from a museum-like row of glass-door refrigerators filled with cans of Tsingtao Beer, the most popular beer in South Korea. Pose with your friends there to get cool silhouette shots for IG.

KPub BBQ Tiendesitas is going for a “Korean Favorites Festival” buffet, so you can try different Korean dishes with your unli servings of beef, pork, and chicken.

Zullo Coffee Roasters

If you and your friends are just as obsessed with coffee as we are, head to this quaint café in Tiendesitas. Its simple, well-lit interiors complement the café's huge mural, which says "Made by passionate people." Besides handcrafted beverage, the restaurant also serves pasta and pastries, so it's definitely a place to check out if you want a simple meal and a good cup of joe.

KPub BBQ Tiendesitas and Zullo Coffee Roasters are located in Tiendesitas, Ortigas Avenue corner E. Rodriguez, Ugong, Pasig City. Other notable restaurants in the area include Rico's Lechon.


Kambal Pandesal Bakery + Café

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you and your workmates can get silog meals anytime at Kambal Pandesal Bakery + Café. The high ceilings, open interior, and minimalist furniture also make it a conducive space for tackling any work-related issues you and your officemates need to attend to. Don't worry—they have a number of options for coffee, too!

Liam’s & Louis Gourmet Café

The solution to a hectic work week? Comfort food. Liam’s & Louis Gourmet Café has a number of dishes that'll improve you and your coworkers' moods and get you ready for the weekend, including Southern Fried Chicken, Breaded Crispy Pork Chops, and Wagyu Calderetta. The restaurant also has cozy vibe, with its plush couches, wooden furniture, and decorative tiles. It'll definitely look perfect on your IG stories.

Kambal Pandesal Bakery + Café and Liam’s & Louis Gourmet Café are located in Industria Mall, Circulo Verde, Quezon City.

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