The Reason Why We're Always Excited About Free Food

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Last month, we wrote about a study proving that employees were more motivated by food and human interaction than by money. The participants chose free pizza over a cash bonus, and it basically shocked everyone. But why does the idea of getting free food excite us so much?

We're not going to lie—every time free food appears in the office, we all perk up. There's a visible shift in the office's vibe whenever there's free merienda, and we're sure you all feel the same way. And even if the food isn't exactly your favorite, you still feel like you need to get some to avoid feeling like you missed out. According to Refinery 29, the anthropological explanation is that "sharing food forms a bond between giver and receiver," which makes sense because it's human nature to want to form relationships with other people. 

But there might also be an economical reason behind our obsession with free food: "It’s hard to pass up what’s right in front of you, especially when it’s food you couldn’t afford [with your own money.]" We're sure every person who's struggling to adult right now can definitely relate. 

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