Apparently, Halloween Christmas Trees Are A Thing Now

Would you try this trend?
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There are not enough words to describe our love for Christmas trees. Seeing our Christmas tree sparkle means the holiday season has officially arrived, and Christmas Day is just around the corner.

While we're used to seeing our trees glisten with white lights and glittery red and green ornaments, we've recently come across a new kind of tree that might just change the Christmas tree game as we know it. Allow us to introduce you to the Halloween Christmas tree.

As the name implies, these trees are put up in October, and they're not covered in candy canes and mini snowmen. Instead, cobwebs replace garlands, the ornaments are shaped like skulls and pumpkins, and you might even see a witch's hat as the tree topper. Once November rolls around though, the spooky decorations are swapped for more traditional holiday ornaments.

If you're a big fan of both holidays, Halloween Christmas trees mean double the decorating fun, but we have to ask—is putting up your Christmas tree in October simply too soon? It certainly could be, but we definitely don't think there's anything wrong with loving Halloween just as much as you love Christmas. We know we do!

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If you're pondering the idea of trying this trend out yourself, take a look at some Halloween tree inspiration below:

Halloween Christmas trees and The Nightmare Before Christmas are a match made in holiday heaven.

Can you spot the witch's feet in this creative option?

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From the creepy, skeleton-filled coffin coffee table to the witch's hat on top of the tree, this living room is definitely in the Halloweens spirit.

If you're looking for a simple yet spooky look, try caution tape and pumpkin cut-outs.

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Who knew skulls could look so beautiful?

We bet you've never seen a jack-o'-lantern quite like this before.

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