How To Throw A Holiday Barkada Reunion If You're All Single

It's the most wonderful time to be single. (No sarcasm.)
PHOTO: Instagram/partywithlenzo

In a perfect world, we’d all be cozying up next to a fireplace with Milo Ventimiglia this Christmas, but in reality, a lot of us are single AF. And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, we challenge you to keep your spirits up this season, and actually celebrate your singledom. 

Throw an epic singles party with these holiday essentials:

1. Instagram-worthy décor

These days, for a party to be an instant hit, it has to look like it just came out of the prettiest board on Pinterest. 

2. Irresistible desserts

We promise, your camera, tummy, and friends are going to thank you. 

3. Christmas cocktails

Because it ain’t a party without a little…holiday cheer. ;)

4. Christmas-themed activities

Movie marathon, anyone?

You could also have a gingerbread house-making competition.

Or, you could channel your inner Mariah with some Christmas karaoke! 

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