How Kuripot Are You?

Pinoys share their ultra tipid moves.

Think you’re a cheapskate? There's nothing wrong with saving—in fact, we're all for it, but there's a difference between being a smart saver and being extremely kuripot.

Pinoys were asked to share their most bizarre penny-pinching antics that will make you rethink your own definition of thrifty:

"When I was younger, my brother sleepwalked and, perhaps mistaking it for the toilet, urinated into the candy dish that our mom had placed in our living room for guests. My Mom, unfazed, just washed the candies and put them back into the candy dish because she didn’t want them to go to waste." -Winner

"At home, we collect rainwater and use it to bathe our dogs, clean their kennels, and sometimes I bathe in them, too." -Tara

"I used to take a bath using a pail and dipper while standing on a basin to catch the used water, which I then use to flush the toilet." -Mattet

"Our dad won’t let us use the wet paper towel packets whenever we eat in Japanese and Chinese restaurants since there’s a washroom in most of these establishments. He’d collect these wet towels and hand them out to us when we travel." -Nikki

"I once spotted a group of eight people who ordered two venti drinks at a popular coffee shop to split amongst themselves! Signature drinks for the cheapskates!" -Patty

"I fuse together bits and pieces of discarded soap bars to make whole soap bars. It turns out in technicolor and multi-scents. The level of cheapness is astonishing, bordering on gross, haha."- Gerri

"In high school, I really wanted to save my allowance to buy some clothes. I didn’t want to ask money from my parents so I rarely spend my allowance to buy food in order to save. My ‘barkada’ is pretty big so I would ask them if I could take a few bites from their ‘baon’/ lunch to stuff myself. They never noticed my deceiving strategy until the end of the first term."  - Cookie

P.S. Add your kuripot stories in the comment section below!

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