How To Make Your Condo Look Bigger Than It Really Does

No, you don’t have to become a minimalist.
PHOTO: Instagram/minssnaps, designersguild

In Manila, you’re either living with your parents or slumming it in a condo so small, you keep tripping on everything you own. What's worse is you never have space for anything! Let's upgrade it, shall we? Here are some condo hacks:

1. Mirror, mirror


Put your mirrors opposite your window or light source. The light bounces off the mirror, creating a more open space.

2. Let the light in

Don’t use dark or heavy curtains. Let the light in–this creates more depth for the room.

3. Stack 'em up

The secret of maximizing any room is using a vertical storage system! Consider floating shelves. 

4. Secret storage

Think double-duty: a set of stairs with hidden compartments? Win-win!

5. Rugs


Rugs can be used as a divider and can help create the illusion of having a bigger space or multiple rooms, even in a studio apartment.

Source: BuzzFeed, Huffington Post

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