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Is Your Best Friend Actually Your Enemy?

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We can all agree that models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are the ultimate #BFFGoals of 2016, and that they have undoubtedly set the friendship standards incredibly high. Hence, memes like, "You're the Kendall to my Gigi" are super popular these days! Like Kendall and Gigi, we all have that *one* friend we can totally count on 24/7. If you had a major life crisis right now, she would probably be the first person you'd call.

But what if the best friend you thought was your best friend was actually just another girl out to destroy you? Do these signs ring a bell?

1. When she has problems, she talks to your boyfriend first before she talks to you.

While you have no problems about your BFF and your boyfriend being close (it's actually cute they get along!), don't you think it's a little fishy that your best friend talks to your boyfriend about personal matters first instead of you? Uh, hindi ba ikaw 'yung una niyang nakilala? 

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2. She's a social media shamer.

“Where did you get your top? Ang baduy!” she says every time you post a cute #OOTD photo on Instagram. Or, "Nag-post ka nanaman ng couple pic? It's annoying." Really? Or bitter ka lang?

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3. She’s not happy for your achievements in life.

True friends rejoice in each other’s successes, but when you tell your BFF you've finally landed your dream job, she simply says, "Wow! Libre?" without bothering to say "Congratulations!" or "I'm SO happy for you!"

4. She constantly brings you down.

Best friends are supposed to bring out the best in each other, but instead of cheering you up during tough days, she starts blurting out mean things and then jokingly says, "Sablay ka kasi eh!" Ouch.

5. She makes you feel small.

You have a giant zit on your forehead, and you want to pop it so bad because it’s ridiculously embarrassing. Your best friend sees it and says, "Hehe! I don't get zits kasi." Please tell me that was a joke.

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6. She does nothing but brag about herself.

Real friends listen, and if your best friend does nothing but talk about herself and her problems, that's not a conversation. Dramatic monologue 'yun, girl.

7. She secretly talks about you behind your back.

What's up with all the backstabbing, huh? You two used to be super close, but you've found out that she's talked ill behind your back. News flash: Not everyone is meant to stay, and some friendships are better off broken. If your best friend was actually your best friend, she'd stop all the backbiting and just confront you if she felt like there was a problem. If she still brings you down and continues to spread bad things about you, walk away. This friendship isn't worth saving.