Hyoyeon Of Girls' Generation Gives Us A Look Inside Her Gorgeous Penthouse

Complete with a stunning view of the ocean.
PHOTO: instagram/hyoyeon_x_x

There's something thrilling about getting to see a celebrity's home for the first time. So many questions run through your head: How did they decorate it? Who do they live with? What do they eat? Even if you don't see their entire house, you can tell so much about a person. 

Thanks to a new variety show called Yurang Market, Girls' Generation fans were treated to a quick look inside Hyoyeon's penthouse. Standing by the doorway, the entire cast let out a collective gasp when they saw how spacious the place was.

One of the things they noticed right away is Hyo's killer view of the ocean—something we all dream of having someday, amirite? 

Hyo's penthouse is simple yet sophisticated. The interiors are mostly shades of white and grey, with just the right amount of marble, and we're totally here for it. Don't miss her cute corner for all-things Girls' Generation, huhu!

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