If You Had A Bad 2015, Read This

Having a bad year doesn't mean you have a bad life.

We can remember the years we’ve lived because they touched us. That touch could have bloomed into something beautiful, like having a new love, achieving that dream job, or creating a new home. But that touch can also hurt, scar, or cause a bruise, the way a guy might've left you for another girl, or the way losing your job takes away your pride, and erases practically everything you worked so hard for.

It’s those memories, their emotional triggers, that make us call a year “good” or “bad.” 

It’s about time we ask ourselves how 2015 was like for us. We all need to take some time to look back and reflect to appreciate ourselves, our lives, and the people who’ve been there for us; or just to see how far weve come—to come up with a progress report of some sortWould you call your 2015 good or bad? Is it forgettable? Is it a bridge or stairway to what would be “your” year? 

If you think that 2015 was a bad year or another bad year, I hope you don’t think that you have a bad life, or that you have it worse than other people. The same thing goes if you were cruising through the year with your luck. A year or a life being good or bad is more than what happens to you. Yes, you were hurt several times. Had a few crises here and there. You lost someone important to you. You lost your job and had a hard time finding another. Or you landed a job you hate, and you hated yourself. What did you do about it, though? What did you do for yourself and for other people? Did you take risks?Did you try?

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If you spent 2015 moping about something, take action in 2016 if you want change. Save your tears for the next thing that will badly hurt you, because something’s bound to. But when it does, you would’ve become stronger and wiser even by just a little bit.

Save your tears for the happy moments too, because they’ll come your way and you’ll be so grateful.

All the same, take courage. You can't pick yourself up if you settle for less and never bother figuring out where it’s best for you to go. If you spent the year trying and failing, keep trying, but this time maybe think about where you’re putting all your efforts intois it the right path? How can you improve?

I can’t guarantee you the success you’re looking for next year, but you have to admit that working really hard for what you want and love, and moving forward even in baby steps, instead of being a slave to someone else or to your own issues, doesn’t sound like a bad life. So make a good one for yourself with what you have, because you can.

Stephanie Shi is Cosmo.ph's Editorial Assistant. Follow her on Twitter.

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