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If You Love Ice Cream You Shouldn't Eat It

Stop doing fun things if you want to be a happier person.

If you are a human, you strive to be happy. That's great, except there is a new belief that you should stop doing happy things in order to be even happier [via New York Times].

Psychology professor Wendy Wood explains: "If you really enjoy something, you don't want to repeat it in a routine way so that it becomes a habit. You lose the pleasure in the experience. Instead, you want to make habitual the necessities in life…that is, regular exercise, a healthy diet, saving money and paying the bills, and working. The pleasures in life should be savored and not performed in a habitual way…including time with family, a great glass of wine, and the sunset over the ocean."

There's plenty of evidence to back up this theory, including a man who stopped going to his favorite coffee shop every day and is now enjoying life again and some unfortunately strong advice about halting your ice cream habit.

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