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Take A Look Inside Laureen Uy’s ~*Chic*~ Apartment

It's next-level, guys.
PHOTO: YouTube/laureenuy

Blogger and style guru Laureen Uy is known for her effervescent style and unique taste, which is why we’re not that surprised to find out that her home is just as ~*fabulous*~! She recently uploaded a tour of her apartment on her blog Break My Style, and it’s TDF!

During the tour, Laureen opens up about her obsession for trays and candles. She also reveals that she designed the place herself, which is why everything is personalized and homey. The real kicker, however, is the fact that Laureen has a work closet and a walk-in closet a la Carrie Bradshaw. Don’t even get us started on her vanity mirror—it’s brighter than your future. 

Sit back, enjoy, and be jealous AF.

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