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Meet The Wanderland Music & Arts Festival Acts!

Not sure if you're going? Maybe this will convince you!

Hooray, indie music fans!

The Wanderland Music & Arts Festival will soon return for its third year on April 25 at the Globe Circuit Events Ground! Whether you’re a huge follower of the local and international acts on this year’s lineup or a casual festival-goer who just wants to experience the indie fest vibe, do your research on the artists—some of whom are still pretty obscure—so you can make the most of your festival experience (read: tons of singalong moments!).

Here, we’ve put together a quick primer on this year’s performers, with videos of their most popular songs. Still not sure if you’re going? Maybe these great tunes will convince you to buy that ticket, stat!

Kid Cudi

Why you should catch him: The Grammy-winning American rapper’s headlining performance at Wanderland is a Southeast Asia exclusive—meaning he won’t be playing anywhere else in SEA besides the PH! Cudder’s also set to release an album later this year, so he might give us a teaser of what to expect at Wanderland.



Why you should catch him: Whether he’s serving up a remix or an original track, this Portuguese composer/remixer/producer makes electro concoctions that are so delightfully melodic, we dare you not to even shimmy your shoulders along to them. When his set comes on, it’s ~*pArTy tImE*~!


Why you should catch them: If you’re a fan of the now-defunct drama One Tree Hill—or you know, just a fan of tearjerker tunes in general—you CANNOT miss this American rock band perform “Boston” live. *sobs* 

The Jungle Giants

Why you should catch them: Expect these Australian indie rockers’ jangly, summer-perfect love songs to put you in a gleeful mood even as the sun beats down on your back during the festival. 

Youngblood Hawke

Why you should catch them: This American indie pop band has such an uplifting energy—buoyed even more by their infectious group singalongs—that you’re sure to be in high spirits throughout their set. Case in point: their biggest hit, “We Come Running”. 

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Lewis Watson

Why you should catch him: This young English singer-songwriter plays contemplative acoustic music you can chill to. At the festival, catch some much-needed downtime when his set comes on. 


Why you should catch them: After being out of the OPM scene for way too long, the pogi rock four-piece returns with a headlining gig at Wanderland. Hale fans, don’t miss this much-awaited comeback!


Why you should catch them: According to their bio, this local trio plays “electronica-funk-electro-nusoul-disco-future garage all rolled into one.” We’re not sure what that sounds like live, but we’re dying to find out. 

Kate Torralba

Why you should catch her: ICYMI, this acclaimed Filipina fashion designer is now also a fantastic pianist-singer-songwriter along the likes of Regina Spektor and Tori Amos. We are loving this new KT! 

Earlier this year, the festival held the Wanderband 2015 competition to give amateur indie acts a chance to play the Wanderland stage. Congrats to winner The Strange Creatures and runner-up Austin, who both landed a spot in the Wanderland 2015 lineup!


The Strange Creatures

Between all these sets, electronic musicians will be filling the air with their sick beats. To get a feel of their music, check out the links below:



BP Valenzuela

The After-School Special


Excited yet? Happy wandering, CGs!

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