MRT Horror Stories We Can All Relate To

One word: CUBAO.
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Who here knows the struggle of waking up before sunrise just so you won't have to deal with the MRT during peak hours? Tapos tiis-tiis na lang 'pag pauwi na. We feel you! Still, despite your best efforts, there are awful #MRTMoments that can't be avoided, so we asked Cosmo girls for their worst MRT experiences. 

"Anybody who regularly takes the MRT knows just how much of a nightmare rush hour can be! One day, on my way home, it was really bad—like at some point, I wasn't even standing on my own. I was relying on other people to prop me up, because it was just that packed! When we finally got to Cubao, there was a mass exodus. My bag was in front of me, and as the woman in front of me got off the train, I saw that she had a tagos. I wanted to do my womanly duty and tell her, but it was too late. As I was adjusting my bag, I froze: HER UTERINE LINING WAS ON MY BAG. YES. SOMEONE ELSE'S PERIOD BLOOD WAS ON MY BAG. Needless to say, my bag bathed in sanitizer for the rest of the night." —Viv, 26


"I was pushing my way out of a really crowded MRT train, and because people didn't want to move (or maybe they just really couldn't), I was more aggressive in my attempt to get out. I got to the door, and because I was too focused on escaping that hell hole, I lost my footing, and my shoe totally slipped through the gap between the train and the platform. Cherry on top of that fucking cake." —Eva, 24

"You know those tiny fans that some Pinays have? Not the old school pamaypays, but literally a tiny electric fan. I understand why some women have them. The train does get so hot that it almost feels like there's no ventilation in there. But, one time, it was so crowded that when the train abruptly stopped, MY HAIR GOT CAUGHT IN SOMEONE'S TINY FAN. I didn't think that could happen just cause the little shit looked like a toy. I was pissed! I just yanked my hair out, and got off at the nearest stop because I wanted to scream (and cry)." —Olivia, 23


"I couldn't make it to the MRT cart designated for women, so I jumped in the nearest one. It had been a long time since I rode with guys on the MRT (with good reason). Anyway, I ended up getting grabbed. I whipped around, and before I could say anything, he said, "Masikip talaga dito." UGH. Couldn't believe he had the audacity to act like it was just an accident." —Roxy, 27


"My worst MRT story has got to be the time I felt a dude's boner pressed against my ass. When I felt it behind me, I even looked back to see if it was a bag or whatever. NOPE. JUST SOME GUY'S DICK. I felt really gross. I don't know if it was intentional, or if he was just as embarrassed as I was, and couldn't do much about it because of how sikip the train was that day...BUT GROSSS!!!" —Patty, 26

"Apparently, a bird got in the train while I was sleeping, and it decided to help me wake up. I felt something tickling the back of my neck, and at first, I thought it was just my hair. When I realized there was a creature there, I FLIPPED. No, really, I was frantic, which made the bird panic cause it kept flapping its wings. It only made me panic even more. Someone had to help the bird get out of my general area. —Mel, 25


"On my way to the most important interview of my life, someone on the train accidentally spilled juice on me. I'm not even sure how they managed to bring juice on the train!!! Look, I get it. Accidents happen and I usually emotionally prepare myself before I get on a morning train, but that day was just hell for me. I couldn't help but yell at the woman who did it. I felt awful later on, because she's still a human being, which made the entire day just shitty for me. Bleh. At least now I know to just cab it whenever I have an important meeting." Daphne, 29


"I think it should be a rule that sick people shouldn't be allowed on the MRT until they're at least about to get better. LOL! I'm only half serious...This one time, some chick sneezed without covering her mouth, and something that should have stayed in her nose LANDED ON MY ARM. I wanted to die." Melissa, 22

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