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Nice Things You Can Do Now To Make Someone's Day

Someone out there will appreciate it.

If you’re active on Facebook or Twitter, then you’ve probably already seen the viral photo of a lugawan along Roxas Boulevard giving out free porridge to citizens of Manila every weeknight. The magnanimous benefactor appears to want to remain anonymous—according to cultural activist Carlos Celdran, the woman manning the stall says she doesn’t know who the "Mystery Lugaw Godfather" is, but that he goes by the name Leon. Inspired by his act of kindness? Here are nice things you can do to pay it forward. 

Email some of your college professors and tell them what amazing teachers they were. 
For all the extra credit our mentors gave us in school, they hardly get any of it back. Our tip: Take a moment to send your teachers a touching message. After all, aren’t they the reason you’re on your way to getting that corner office today?

Rescue a stray cat or dog or adopt one from the shelter. 
See a stray kitten wobbling along the street with no mother or owner in sight? Transfer her somewhere safe or leave a little food for her to eat. You can also drop by the local animal shelter and see if you can change one furball’s life for good.  

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Send an anonymous thank-you note to someone at the office today. 
She could be the ate who always brings you your mail or the security guard who always has a smile on his face. 

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Surprise your boss with an uplifting post-it.
She's not just a dragon lady, you know. Like you, she also has a life outside work that she may be giving up because she wants what's best for the team. 

Share this list with all your friends.
Because the world needs more nice people. 

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