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Here's How To Take The Selfie To End All Selfies

Good selfies are some of the best ways to show off your makeup.
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More often than not, bad lighting, low camera quality, and the lack of fresh, creative posing ideas are some of the factors that make nailing the perfect selfie impossible. And the struggle is made worse when we scroll through our feeds and see celebrities sharing their seemingly effortless selfies. How do they make it look so easy? We saw some of our fave ones at The Reno Collective Pop-up Art Exhibit, where OPPO collaborated with MAC Cosmetics and makeup artists RB Chanco and Sylvina Lopez to create makeup looks based on the OPPO Reno in Sunset Rose. After getting glammed up in looks inspired by the OPPO Reno in Sunset Rose, they all took incredible selfies. Here are some of their best tips:

1. Switch up your mirror selfie.

If you don't want to feel too basic, strike your best RBF through a mirror like Kianna Dy. Look straight into the camera through a mirror while you have your photo taken from behind.

2. Take it from above.

Take cues from Gabby Padilla by shooting your photos from a higher angle. It's super flattering and it’ll also soften your features. But Gabby's best tip for taking the perfect selfie? “Take selfies when you feel confident.” As cliché as it may sound, Gabby believes that if you feel good, you look good.

3. Play with your lighting.

Good lighting is a must, and you can use different colors and angles to add some flavor to your shots, just like what Patty Tiu did. Angle your body towards colorful lights for a fun, interesting photo.

4. Be candid.

While we all have a go-to pose, it’s always good to try something new. Like Rosenthal Tee, you can opt for a candid-like pose, especially if posing for the camera feels awkward and unnatural to you. Not only is it cute, but it’s also a good way to switch things up.

5. Zero in on the details.

Want to show off your makeup? Then make sure your face is front and center. Do what Melissa Gatchalian does and rest your chin on your palm. This keeps the selfie interesting without taking too much attention from the makeup look. Melissa effortlessly flaunts her glittery look created by Slo Lopez, who was inspired by the colors of the OPPO Reno in Sunset Rose. We asked Slo to share a tip on how she takes the perfect selfie, and she said, "My trick to getting a good selfie is to get as even lighting as you possibly can."

6. Use your hands.

Show off both your mani and your makeup by resting your hands on your face, just like Aryanna Epperson. Her perfectly polished nails complement her clean, rosy makeup look created by RB Chanco. The celebrity makeup artist was also inspired by the Sunset Rose colorway of the Oppo Reno. Aryanna also shared her best tips to taking the perfect selfies: “Adding a little bit of highlight, finding the right light, and getting the right angle [can] make you look like you’re glowing inside and out.” We also asked RB about how makeup should look when you're trying to take selfies. "It's really important that we have a good base. [Match your beautiful makeup to a] beautiful base."

For more information on the OPPO Reno in Sunset Rose, visit OPPO's Facebook page.

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