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5 Perks Of Growing Up With Brothers

Thanks for making us tough, kuya.

Fine, there was no escaping your brothers' tormenting and teasing. You questioned being female at some point because basketball made so much more sense and oversized T-shirts were way more comfortable than baby tees.

But admit it: you are grateful for your childhood bullies-turned-regular weekend drinking buddies and go-to guy pals who made sure you grew up with a strong backbone.

Here, 5 things you learned from your kuya.

1. You can be one tough cookie.
You learned to be level-headed.  The fist fights you got into and the endless arguments you had with your brothers taught you to be brave and to stand up for what you want. As a result, you might come off as too aggressive at times, but that’s only because you were trained to look out for yourself.

2. You know how to behave around boys.
The upside to hanging out with your brothers a lot is that you’re used to male company. You swear like a sailor and have a habit of slapping dudes’ backs as a way of expressing affection. You can even crack “guy jokes without cringing. You are comfortable with being yourself around men, which gives you major brownie points in their book.

3. You understand men better.
Witnessing your brothers’ dating phase gives you the ultimate crash course on how men sincerely feel about women. Yes, dudes have feelings too. You realize this after seeing your brother acting all weird and kilig, and he starts asking you questions like, “What should I give her on her birthday?”

4. You are fully aware of guys' sloppy habits.
Spilled water all over the sink, pee on the toilet seat, dirty boxers on the floor. Sharing a bathroom for the most part of your life with your brothers gives you an unfortunate realization regarding the male species and their sloppy toilet habits. There’s no training them to squeeze from the bottom of the toothpaste tube, or to clean up after using the toilet. Life is unfair like that, and accepting quirks like these come in handy when you decide to live with a partner.

5. You can take brutally honest remarks quite well.
Being used to your brothers’ no-mercy comments about your outfits (“Mukha kang Christmas tree!”) prepared you for a much more critical world. Although they are often kidding, their frank quips have probably made you cry more than once. But they taught you to control your emotions and take criticism at face value. Likewise, when it comes to boy problems, your brothers are the perfect people to seek advice from. Unlike your gal pals, they understand guys, so they are capable of telling you how it really is.

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