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Pia Wurtzbach's Guide To Shutting Down Online Haters

This girl's classy AF.
PHOTO: Instagram/piawurtzbach

We’re sure we can all agree that we’ve loved following Pia Wurtzbach’s journey as Miss Universe 2015 last year. But it hasn’t always been easy; our ~*queen*~ had to deal with tired insults and verbal jabs along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the online moments that truly made her worthy of the crown.

1. Pia asked her fans to stop bullying Monika Radulovic.

A month after she was crowned Miss Universe 2015, Monika Radulovic, who was Miss Australia at the time, said in a radio interview, "They were okay. Can I just say that, I tried to be friends with everyone and I wanted to have a good time; those three [—Pia, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, and Miss USA Olivia Jordan—] were the only ones that weren’t that nice to the other girls." That statement did not sit well with Filipinos, and the online savagery ensued, to which Pia responded, 

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2. During her homecoming, Pia addressed her doubters and urged her fans not to stoop to their level: 

"I'll shake your hand, I'll introduce myself, and hopeful[ly,] we can have a fresh start. I may not understand why you felt that way with me in the beginning… People have their reasons why, but hopefully I'll be able to change their mind when I meet them in person." 

The queen added, "Wag na po tayo pumatol sa mga bashers online. Hindi naman kailangan sagutin lahat. Hindi naman kailangan pumatol palagi…Yes, it's cyber bullying because they're bullying me. But it's also bullying that you're fighting back. There should be a limit to everything so I constantly remind everybody on social media na 'wag na po pumatol, 'wag na po tayo mag-reply, wag na po tayo magsalita ng masama tungkol sa ibang girls. Hindi po tama 'yan at nagiging pangit po ang imahe natin."

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3. Remember when she boldly stood up for gender equality and LGBT rights?

'Cause we do. 

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4. People have gone as far as to try hacking into Pia’s social media accounts! Still, she shook 'em off with an impressive amount of grace + sass. 

5. Who can forget the time when our queen stood by Jessy Mendiola? 

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6. Proving that she’s more than just her good looks, Pia posted a bikini photo just so she can get your attention long enough to promote her advocacy. Beauty + brains, y’all! 

She even commented, "Aba 'pag advocacy post ang konti ng likes pero 'pag bikini buhay na buhay kayo ah. Tsssk. Dapat pala ang caption nito advocacy ko. Teka nga."

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7. And when an Instagram bully tried to cut her down and question her dedication, Pia clapped back! 

And again:

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8. We’re getting ready to crown a new queen this month, and amidst all the chaos, Pia is still holding down the fort with an inspiring amount of class, dignity, and respect. 

We'll miss you, P!

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