This Girl's Apartment Will Make You Want To Redecorate Your Room

Her place will make you want to add more color in your life.
PHOTO: Instagram/studiomucci

We know, we know. By now, you're probably so sick of unicorns and rainbows—tbh, it's kinda getting out of hand—but we're totally living for this girl's ~colorful~ apartment. Blogger Amina Mucciolo is super into whatever makes her 650-square-foot place pop. It all started with this spring-inspired DIY flower wall:

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Amina also had a Jackson Pollock moment so she splashed her other wall with neon colors:

Her kitchen is all about her figurine collection, which includes Care Bears, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, and Tokidoki. 

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We know you're dying to see the bedroom, which Amina and her husband call the "Crystal Unicorn Cave." 

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Can we move in? LOL!

Source: Teen Vogue

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