This Girl's Apartment Will Make You Want To Redecorate Your Room

Her place will make you want to add more color in your life.
PHOTO: Instagram/studiomucci

We know, we know. By now, you're probably so sick of unicorns and rainbows—tbh, it's kinda getting out of hand—but we're totally living for this girl's ~colorful~ apartment. Blogger Amina Mucciolo is super into whatever makes her 650-square-foot place pop. It all started with this spring-inspired DIY flower wall:

Amina also had a Jackson Pollock moment so she splashed her other wall with neon colors:

Her kitchen is all about her figurine collection, which includes Care Bears, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, and Tokidoki. 

We know you're dying to see the bedroom, which Amina and her husband call the "Crystal Unicorn Cave." 

Can we move in? LOL!

Source: Teen Vogue

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