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5 Reasons Why Having A Tablet Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

It comes with an S Pen!
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review
PHOTO: Courtesy of Andie Estella

Disclaimer: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 was loaned to us for review, but all opinions in this article are 100% our own. We may earn commission from the affiliate links on this page (at no extra cost to you), but we only recommend products and services we love. We promise!

When you think of gadget 'essentials' that make your work life easier, a laptop is definitely one of them. It's supposed to be the lightweight and portable counterpoint to a desktop computer—but admit it: there are times when your shoulder is internally screaming because you've been lugging around a heavy AF tote bag all day.

Enter the tablet—nowadays, you can buy a stylus and keyboard (if needed) and voila. But do you ~really~ need one?

Here are five reasons why you should the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9:

1. It's super light and easy to carry around.

Weighing in at 1.10 pounds, it's 1/3 the weight of my laptop. I no longer have to deal with the struggle of choosing to bring my heavy workhorse to events in a tote bag *just in case* there's breaking news, when I can do 90% of my daily tasks on the Galaxy Tab. I'm also a huge notetaker, and carrying around the S9 means I don't need to bring a notebook and pen!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 handwritten notes
Courtesy of Andie Estella

If you're constantly typing away at work, I suggest looking into a bluetooth keyboard for that extra bump in efficiency. Or you can get one of these super cute and colorful wireless keyboards for your desk at home.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 with bluetooth wireless keyboard
Courtesy of Andie Estella
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2. The display is crystal clear and its brightness levels make it easy to work outdoors.

The 11-inch display is plenty big enough, especially compared to a smartphone, so it doesn't feel like a stretch for me to use it as my main device when I'm on the go.

During events and photoshoots, it's a lot easier to handle and use as a monitor compared to a heavier laptop. This is especially true when we have to show celebs a certain pose, or flash the text they need to read.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is lightweight and portable
Courtesy of Andie Estella

3. It comes with an S Pen.

The base model S9 (128GB/8GB version) comes with Samsung's proprietary S Pen. I sign a lot of documents for work, and having a stylus come straight out of the box is super useful. I also take Korean classes online, and writing my notes digitally saves paper—and allows me to practice the Hangul alphabet whenever (and wherever) I can find the time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 with Good Notes
Courtesy of Andie Estella

4. No second monitor? No problem!

I don't have the space (or the budget) for a desktop computer, so having the Galaxy Tab act as a second screen makes me more efficient at work (and when I work from home).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 as a second monitor
Courtesy of Andie Estella

Split screens are okay, but transcribing videos is so much easier when I can have two separate devices: My entire laptop is dedicated to the Google doc, and I can watch the video on the tablet (at .25x or .5x speed) as I type.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 transcription
Courtesy of Andie Estella

5. It's perfect for homebuddies and people who love to watch their shows in bed.

Watching your fave K-drama or the newest movie in bed is equal parts *the laziest experience ever* and slightly uncomfortable. By that, we mean once the laptop overheats it's game over—the whirring of the fan is a sign for you to leave that episode for another day.


So if you've got a tablet, make things easy for yourself and buy a tablet stand. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show without straining your neck. Just be careful about crumbs if you're the type to snack-and-watch!

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