Rules To Break In Your 20s

Because sometimes, it's okay to do your own thing.
PHOTO: Pixabay
1. "Stick to what you know and are good at."

OK OK, so we all play to our strengths in life and admittedly fall into patterns and habits, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't test yourself once in a while. How will you figure out what your true talents and passions are if you stay within your comfort zone?

Beauty Assistant Laura Capon was stuck in the world of insurance until she took the plunge interning at magazines in order to land her dream career. You never know what might be around the corner.

2. "Never make the first move."

Girls, it is 2016 and there is NO room for dallying right now. Thanks to *the Internet* there is basically no such thing as the "guys should make the first move" rule anymore - and if you follow it, you might be waiting for a while.

3. "Certain colors don't suit your skin tone."

Time and time again, women are told what colours, prints and patterns will suit their color/shape/body type, but really, shouldn't we all be wearing what makes us happy and confident? Yaaas.

4. "Women shouldn't travel by themselves."

In the year 2016, the majority of roads less travelled have, er, actually already been travelled by many solo women before you - and will be travelled by millions after you. So whether it's your own personal fear holding you back or other people's influence, DON'T LET IT. Solo women can - and do - travel all over the world on their own individual, safe and independent journeys.

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Worried about certain aspects of solo travel? There's an app for that! Google Translate will help with communication, Touralina can hook you up with other female solo travellers, Safety Map Worldwide will always help you plan the safest route and Sit or Squat, well, it's got all the toilet info you can ever need.

5. "Don't speak to strangers."

While this might be hammered into us as children, speaking to strangers can open more doors than you know when it comes to your personal life, career or otherwise. Whether it's at a networking event, through friends of friends or even on the Tube to work, don't be afraid to greet a face you don't already know. 

Don't know where to start? Download Meetup, an app designed to bring together people with similar interests and build new communities.

6. "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

We're not encouraging cat fights in the street, but sometimes it's important to stand up for yourself and not let other people walk all over you. Twitter trolling and internet bullying is on the rise - but so is the number of convictions every year for people who carry out cyber abuse. Don't engage in a bitter dispute with strangers over the internet but DO report the problem and carry on with your life. If we don't stand up to cyber bullies, they will continue to multiply.

7. "Don't wear bold lips and eyes together."

If the likes of Snow White have taught us anything, bold eyeliner and a lippy CAN work together on a day to day basis, and your makeup doesn't have to be subtle on the eyes to complement the lips or vice versa.

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