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Science Discovers Older Siblings Are A (Tiny Bit) Smarter Than Younger Siblings

*Fist pump*

Older siblings rejoice, as researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered that you guys are statistically more likely to have a higher IQ than your younger siblings, as well as more likely to be extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious.

But don't get too excited, first-borns: findings show you're only likely to have one IQ point on your younger siblings.

Still, every bit helps, right?

Professor of psychology at the University of Houston, Doctor Rodica Damian, called the difference "statistically significant but meaningless."

She said:

"The message of this study is that birth order probably should not influence your parenting, because it's not meaningfully related to your kid's personality or IQ."

The prof who led the research at the University of Illinois thinks that the difference, though teeny, is still of some worth.

Professor Brent Roberts said:

"In some cases, if a drug saves 10 out of 10,000 lives, for example, small effects can be profound.

"But in terms of personality traits and how you rate them, a 0.02 correlation doesn't get you anything of note."

But, y'know, your parents probably love you both the same anyway. Fingers crossed.

(Via the Independent)


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan UK. Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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