Shit Single Girls Have To Deal With During Weddings

"Okay, we'll need all the single girls for this next game."

You're expected to join every single game.
“Okay, for this next game, we’ll need all the single people in the room. That means you!” Yes, I am aware that I am alone in the world. Thanks for the reminder.

You get introduced to all the single guys at the wedding.
Which is honestly not so bad, unless the guys you’re being set up with are creepy/weird/rude.

"Who's your date tonight? Oh, you're by yourself? Aww, okay lang 'yan."
I know, it really is okay. Kthanksbye.

Crying while watching the newlyweds during the first dance, then crying some more when other couples join them on the dance floor.

Becoming chummy with the bartender because you order a drink every 30 minutes.
“Sorry, we’re out of Amaretto Sour. Would you like a shot of tequila instead?” Yes, make that three.

Having bouquets thrown at you from every angle.
And not being sure if it’s done on purpose.

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Taking photobooth pictures with your couple friends and standing awkwardly at the center.
Thankfully your friends are nice enough not to make you feel like a third/fifth/seventh wheel. Group hug!

Being assigned to a random table full of other dateless guests.
On the bright side, yay for new friends!

Getting really excited when a Taylor Swift song plays and shaking it off in the middle of the dance floor.
And then you realize that being single is not bad after all, because life is amazing and you are an awesome human being. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!

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