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Single People Are Just As Happy As Those In Couples Says Study

Hells to the yeah.

Here’s actual scientific proof you can be just as happy being a single pringle as you can when you’re taken bacon.

A new study by Social Psychological and Personality Science from the University of Auckland says so.

The study looked at over 4,000 adults in New Zealand once, and then again in a year, and found that one fifth of them were single at both periods and the rest of them were either married, living with, or dating someone at one point, allowing them to see if their overall wellbeing had changed. 

And turns out, it’s all about whether you have drama in your life.

Single people who try to avoid conflict in relationships were just as happy as people who were coupled, and single people who wanted to enhance their intimacy levels with their loved ones were not only happier in general because, but even more so when they were in a relationship. 

So basically, in the words of great healer Mary J. Blige: No More Drama.

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Plus, it's good news for those who value intimacy because you're not only happier single, you're even happier when you find someone amazeballs to be with. <3

Thank you, Kiwi friends, we like this study. A lot.


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