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This Video Reminds Us Why We Shouldn't Be Limited By Our Age

It is nothing but a number.
PHOTO: Youtube/SK-II

Worried about turning 30? Pressured to get married before the finish line? Disturbed by the fact that your face will change as you grow old? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you're not alone. There are studies that show women are more commonly affected by ageism compared to men. This means females tend to be less "marketable" as they age.

One study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research discovered that women and older people have less chances to get hired compared to men or younger individuals of either sex. Why should age dictate one's ability to do her job well? Isn't experience supposed to count?

Skincare brand SK-II came up with a campaign last year, highlighting the pressure on Chinese women to get hitched and raise a family by age 25. And if for any reason someone surpasses that deadline, she ends up being considered a "Sheng Nu" or a "leftover woman." 

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Here in our country, it's still common to hear comments like, "Kailan ka mag-aasawa?" or "Sayang ka naman ayaw mo mag-anak" from other people. It's sadly still assumed that a woman is incomplete if she hasn't ticked off these "milestones." Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a wife and a mom—motherhood is a wonderful experience, but being single without kids isn't so bad either. In Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo, women are putting marriage on hold to focus on their careers. 

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In SK-II's follow-up campaign, they want women to stop feeling bad about getting old. They want you to know that you have so much more potential beyond society's expections. You don't have an expiry date; you have a choice over your destiny. Don't let norms control you. You do you!

Watch the video below and share it you your girl friends to spread awareness that you are more than your age.

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