So You're Not A Morning Person? Here's How To Become One

Rise and shine!

1. Find a good reason to get up.
Whether you’re excited about moving to a new office or presenting to a favorite client, having something to look forward to can definitely ease you into your morning routine. Fast Company also suggests thinking about what you’d love to have more time to do such as connecting with your partner or having me-time to read a few chapters of a new book. 

2. Get a sexy wake-up call.
The blaring of your alarm clock may jolt you out of your sleep, but it won’t make you any happier to be awake. The solution: swap the “ring-ring-ring” for a sexier wake-up call. Hey, if you can record Paulo Avelino or Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice and program it as your alarm, go!

3. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon.
One reason why you’re so grumpy in the morning is usually because you didn’t get a good night’s sleep. The probable culprit: your mid-day coffee. The Daily Mail reports that two to three cups of your favorite brew can knock an hour off of your beauty sleep.

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