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Solenn Heussaff Gets Real About How Women Are Pressured To Get Married

'When does it stop?'

There are plenty of reasons to love Solenn Heussaff: She’s the ultimate fitspiration, frequently waking up before sunrise just to get in a workout; she’s a talented artist—actress, singer, painter—and she knows her way around the kitchen, too! But what we truly love about Sos is how vocal and opinionated she is. In an industry filled with predictability and formulated answers, she’s a breath of fresh air. That’s why when she launched her website,, we were thrilled.

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Through, Sos gives us a peek into what goes on behind the camera, and she shares food tips, fitness advice, and random relationship insights. In an entry titled “Don’t Let Anyone Rush You Into Finding The One,” Solenn opens up about how women have to deal with societal pressures to get married ASAP. When she started dating now-husband Nico Bolzico, they got questions like, “When are you getting engaged?” and “Aren’t you feeling the pressure to get engaged?”

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And when they got engaged, instead of congratulating them, Solenn was constantly asked, “When are your brother and Anne getting engaged?” She continued, “People need to understand that there are people who get married at 17 and people who do it at 67. There’s no ‘proper age’ for getting married. When you find the right person, you go through it on your own pace. Even the finding the right person takes time, and that’s okay.”

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Solenn ended her blog with some food for thought: “I met Nico at 26, and we got engaged after three years. On the other hand, George met her husband at 29 and got engaged after three months. Are we both happy? Yes. And it’s because there isn’t just one way to do things. You never know how it’s gonna go. When you meet The One, that’s when the work starts. Until then, have fun and don’t worry about it, okay?”

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Wise words, Sos!

Read the full entry here.

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