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The 11 Best Things About Having A Work BFF

Dance breaks are essential for office sanity.

1. Mondays aren't so bad.
You know how some people dread the first day of the work week? Well, you hate Mondays too, but they are genuinely more bearable because you know the moment you get to the office, you can tell her about your weekend over coffee. And she can tell you about hers. "I saw my ex, and he looks fat. YAY?????"

2. When it gets stressful at work, you can always rely on your Work BFF to send you stupid things through email to make you feel better.

SUBJECT: This Is Work Related, I Swear!
MESSAGE: LOL JK! Here is a Zayn Malik GIF for you! Wag ka na beevs.

3. You guys hang out after work.
So you had a really sucky presentation, or you didn't reach your sales quota that month, or your boss embarrassed you in front of the whole team—you can always rely on her to text you, "Let's drink tanayt! G?" 


4. You can count on her to do dance breaks with you.
Remember that time when you were so stressed and you both found yourself in an empty elevator and she decided it was perfectly normal to dance "Uptown Funk" with you because she gave zero fucks? Also, that time when you were having a rough morning and she messaged you, "Pantry. 5 minutes. Let's talk?"

And then you ended up staying there for 30 minutes, because you guys were talking about ~*life*~ and LOOK AT THE TIME, WE HAVE SHIT TO DO.

5. She isn't just your officemate, she's your wingwoman.
Because she knows that you have a crush on the New Office Guy, she will find a million ways to introduce you to him. For instance, by literally chasing him down: "Hey, you! Don't run away from meeee! Haaaaave you met my frieeeeend!"

6. You have inside jokes.
And they are really stupid. You have 10 emails with the subject: This Is A Very Important Email, READ ME.

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7. She is literally part of your life that your parents or your non-work barkada always ask about her.
In fact, you've been to her house. You've had coffee with her mom, and dinner with her dad. You know her family, and they know you exist. 

8. Coffee breaks are never boring.
And your conversations are super serious. "Sooo, naka-polo si New Office Guy and mukha siyang extra mabango today!" Or "Girl, your pencil skirt is so tight—naka-panty ka ba?"

9. You have never eaten alone.
When 11 a.m. strikes, she messages you on GChat, "I'm hungry. Do you have baon? Let's eat! And then can we discuss the latest The Vampire Diaries episode. Also, I met a guy last night. LOL!"

10. She is a ray of sunshine all day, every day.
"You totally nailed that presentation and I am so proud of you! GChat high five!"

11. So when she decides to quit her job... do what she's always wanted to dolike open a cupcake business or leave for New York or get marriedyou can't deal for five minutes. And then you realize you have never been happier for her. You'll miss her and wish she didn't have to go, but you KNOW you guys will send each other stupid emails or WhatsApp messages, even if you don't have coffee anymore. The best thing about having a work BFF is you realize that you don't just have a friend at work. You have a friend for life. #BonVoyageGianna


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