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The 16 Most Annoying People On Social Media

Are you "friends" with these guys?

1. The intense-PDA couple. Because you didn’t need to know they call each other “babycakes” and actually see how they flirt with each othergross! These guys should get a room. Don’t they know there’s this thing called Facebook chat or direct message?

2. The person who tries to come off as smart and critical but fails. Also known as the person who uses what other people post for their personal gain. Did you hear about Amandla Stenberg’s now-deleted comment on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram photo? She wrote “when u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter” C’mon. It’s just a selfie on Instagram!

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3. That person who tells you to like his/her profile photo. Unless this is for a legit contest, how desperate and uncool could this person get? And for what, really? Popularity? That’s so high school.

4. That guy who keeps posting photos of himself with hot girls at parties. Cool story, bro.

5. That person who uses loads of hashtags, and unnecessary ones at that. Because this person is definitely spamming!

6. The humblebragger. This person posts things like “UGH. I can’t believe I got a sunburn here in France. I don’t even get sunburns in the Philippines!” and is one of the most insincere people ever. Instead of outright bragging which we can understand if something is worth bragging or gushing about, this person opts to whineWhat’s up with that?

7. That person who hates on an article or a post without even reading (what more understanding) it. Can somebody please explain why this even happens? What’s this person arguing against?

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8. That person who spreads wrong information. We all have that one friend who shares links from questionable sources bearing sensationalized news. When and where was this ever right? Never, I tell you.

9. That person who shares wrong information, thinking it’s right information. Sure, a lot of us are pretty gullible to this day, but the truth is we shouldn’t be anymoreor at least, we should be trying our best not to be. We must all be responsible enough to find out which are credible sources and which aren’t for everyone’s sake.

10. That person who reacts violently to an article, not getting that it’s satirical. Satirical websites are thriving out there. There are loads of people who love it for the humor and the entertainment. The fact that not everyone gets that something is a satire can be funny, but it’s emblematic of how that person didn’t even bother to check the purpose of the website and the facts on the topic. Terrible.

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11. That person who writes a parinig post. Clearly there was a problem that made this person angry/hurt/sad/upset. But doing this doesn’t solve anything. What more, it makes people unnecessarily very worried, even those who have nothing to do with the post. Arguing for self-expression? Fine. But just because someone expresses himself doesn’t mean it’s good or proper. Think about it.

12. That person who comments advertisement links on an unrelated post.This isn’t really going to make people interested in your product or your brand. Spamming doesn’t give anyone a good impression. 

13. That person who shares chain messages. Some adults still believe in this stuff? Or are they just bored out of their lives? I’m not sure which is more disturbing.

14. That person who sends a group message about liking his page, but didn’t make the effort to even type your name and say hello. Does this person think you’ll actually like his page for not trying hard enough to even acknowledge you as a friend or acquaintance? Some sales talk he got there.

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15. That person who sends an automated message for following him/her. Can you just feel this person’s gratitude?! <3

16. That person who doesn’t thank people for the birthday greetings. Look, man. We all took the time from our busy lives to greet you. How about a “thanks” at least? ’Cos you’re supposed to be polite and I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS.

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