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The 8 Kinds Of Professors You Meet In College

They're like a box of'll never know what you're gonna get.

1. The Veteran

He’s been in the University for as long as EVERYONE can remember. He is an institution and is probably as old as the University! Your ate, kuya, dad AND mom had him as a professor, too! He might even be friends with your lola.

What he’s teaching: History

You remember him because: He talks slowly, walks slowly, and only writes on the part of the board that he can reach (while sitting). He is your favorite professor, because his subject is the best time to nap after a horrifying Math class.

The grade that you’ll get: F or D. You’ll probably fail unless you read his gazillion reading assignments about ancient people you are NOT interested in. Also, you'll probably fail because you can't quote the history book. Which he wrote.

Thoughts during class:Tagal mag-time. Five minutes pa lang yun?!”

2. The Great Pretender

You think you’re safe? Think again.

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What he’s teaching: Philosophy

You remember him because: He was everything you wanted for a professor…until you saw your grades. The horror!

The grade you’ll get: C+

Thoughts during class:Shucks, di ko gets. Keri lang, di naman siya nangbabagsak.” Akala mo lang 'yun!

3. The Prof You Have A Crush On

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He’s the reason why you make an extra effort to look good on Tuesdays.

What he’s teaching: Film

You remember him because: Aside from being unquestionably smart and good looking—err, I mean good in teaching!—he looks mabango (and is actually mabango), has TDF biceps (please write on the board more often!), and his voice is just music to your ears. And that smile...

The grade you’ll get: B+! You CAN’T be super bibo. Baka masyadong obvious. Konting effort na lang, A na talaga!

Thoughts during class: “If we end up together, hindi ba awkward?”

4. Hitler

Even the most tamad student in your block studies for the subject he’s teaching because no one can escape his wrath! Unless okay lang sa'yo bumagsak…

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What he’s teaching: Literature/Media Law

You remember him because: He’s a living legend in your school. Everyone’s been trying to talk you out of taking his class because “ang hirap” at “walang pumapasa dun,” but you took him anyway because you like the challenge! He's not a text book professor, and that's what you love about him. Ang dami niyang alam sa life! Congrats for finally taking a subject seriously!

The grade you’ll get: C. Wait, what? I didn’t fail? Ayos!

Thoughts during class: “Focus. Focus. Focus.”

5. The Prof Who Loves Making Powerpoint Presentations

He is best friends with Fade and Dissolve transitions and takes pride in all the animations he’s used in each presentation. Also, he expects the class to be Powerpoint masters as well. Reporting every meeting? Bakit hindi!

What he’s teaching: Probably a minor subject, LOL.

You remember him because: You don’t have to take down notes because he’ll email everyone a copy, anyway. More time for chika with your seatmate, Claire!

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The grade you’ll get: A. Easy-peasy!

Thoughts during class: “Ugh, Powerpoint na naman. Puno na USB ko.”

6. The Wheel Of Fortune

The way he compute grades will forever remain a mystery.

What he’s teaching: Marketing

You remember him because: The entire semester you thought you were doing okay…until you saw the end results and you're like ANYARE PO!

The grade you’ll get: Something you definitely weren’t expecting. Like, an F.

Thoughts during class: “Wow, I actually understand what he’s talking about. I got this.”

7. The Prof Who Is Friends With Everybody

He is the type who stays longer than he should in class because he always has something to share with everyone (from the latest hangout places to the most random video he found online). You guys also follow each other on different social media sites and had at least one lunch or had coffee together.

What he’s teaching: Sociology

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You remember him because: There is never a dull moment in class and he actually knows what he’s teaching!

The grade you’ll get: B+. Having fun while learning is THE best!

Thoughts during class:Bakit ang bilis ng oras!!"

8. The Bulaga Master

“Gulat ka no?”

What he’s teaching: Biology

You remember him because: You swear you studied (and memorized) his lectures, but to your surprise, “Wala naman yun sa tinuro niya, ah?!” And the next meeting he’s like: “Guys, ang bababa niyo sa quiz. So today, I’m giving you a makeup quiz.” BAKIT. BAKIT. BAKIT.

The grade you’ll get: B+ “Omg, really?? Yaaas!” Now that’s the kind of surprise I like. (Maybe he’s friends with The Wheel Of Fortune? Lol, maybe.”

Thoughts during class: "Lord ano bang sagot ditoooo."