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The 9 Best Things About Having a Gay Best Friend

*rainbow emoji*

1. He is probably the most fun person to be around.

Karaoke? Just Dance? Sports? Makeup? Fashion? Art? Gaming? Literature? Pigging out at buffets? He is game to do ANYTHING with you. It’s a win-win situation!

2. Moms love them.

Whenever you go out, your parents will always ask for him, because they know he’s a bodyguard/dance partner/cockblock OR wingman. So if he's tagging along to GNO, your parents are confident that you'll come home in one piece.

3. Whatever interest your gay BFF is into, he most likely has excellent taste in it.

Nobody knows, but they were, uh, born that way.

4. He makes the best shopping buddy.

See #3 or #5.

5. He is honest. Frank, even.

Which is a good thing. He is the one who snaps you back to reality with a good slap of truth in your face. (Sometimes too literally)

6. …But he can and will be your knight in shining leather pants  armor.


Sometimes, you know better than to cut in on him when he’s on a date, but you’ll be surprised that when you’re in need, he’ll ditch the dude to save you (even if you can do it yourself most times).

7. His ultra-sharp gaydar conveniently helps filter out your prospects.

If you’re having doubts about your crush’s sexual preference, he’ll be there to sense it or even, uh, test it out. “Confirmed pa lang, girl, 'di pa confeeeermed.”

8. You automatically require him to be your date when needed.

And he’ll gladly oblige.

9. He is a true gentleman.

Though he may cringe in jest when you carelessly change your clothes in front of him or jokingly barf when he gets hit on by girls who don’t know any better, he is more of a gentleman than your best manliligaw. He treats you with respect, not because he likes you that way, but because he genuinely loves you. He helps you with things that are too heavy to carry–from shopping bags to actual emotional baggage, heh!–and makes sure you’re home safe after the craziest of GNOs. #ILY, girl!

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