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The Cosmo Girl's Guide To Driving Safe At Night

Be street smart, literally.

Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. This way, your car won't easily conk out when you try to outrun a suspicious vehicle. It would be a good idea to have enough fuel in the tank, too.

Fuel up in the daytime. Some say buying cold gasoline at night will get you more fuel for every peso. But predators take advantage of the dark to inconspicuously get to their prey.

Do not change a flat tire at an unsafe place. Change your flat rubber on a well-lit and well-traveled street. Avoid changing it in an isolated area, especially at night. "Run the tire flat and replace it, rather than change it in a risky place," technical editor Ferman Lao advises. "Most tire changes can be done in five minutes or less. If it's a slow leak, just inflate it."

Keep the lights on outside your household's gate. In the name of safety, you would want more light and visibility outside your home at night. Remember the slain Kristelle Davantes? She was abducted after she got out of her car to open the gate upon reaching her house.

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Change your route once in a while when you drive to or from work. By doing this (plus varying the time of your departure), you don't give routine clues to evil minds who may be stalking you.

When abducted, get information while you are in transit. Aside from getting information about your kidnappers (like by listening to their accent and taking note of their tattoos or body markings), get information about where they are taking you. Remember landmarks and street names.


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