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The Emotional Stages Of Living On Your Own

Did a tornado just hit my apartment?!

This is it! I’ve finally signed my lease and I’m moving in. I’m a full-fledged adult!
The hassles of finding a place online, negotiating with a broker, and opening my very own checking account (with the bank that offered the least maintaining balance, of course) are all going to be worth it. This is so exciting!

Grocery shopping will never be the same again.
Who knew that the 4-ply toilet paper my parents buy would be so expensive? I guess I’m sticking to 2-ply from now on. The Best Buy and SM Bonus items are my new BFFs.

Oh yeah, I need internet and cable. Actually, do I even really need cable?
I’m sure I can live with 1Mbps of internet. I mean, it’s the Philippines anyway. I’m used to everything being so slow. Plus, getting cable would be a waste of money, right? I can download naman

Garlic is the enemy.
Why do my hands smell like garlic even after several hours of chopping it? And it takes so long to chop! I’m sticking to garlic-free recipes from now on. I also can’t believe I’ve made such a mess from cooking that simple dish. What the hell. I wish manang could live with me and make me breakfast everyday like she used to.

There are days when I look around and actually think a tornado has gone through my apartment.
I have clothes on my dining table. I have dishes on the sink from five days ago. Why is this in the bathroom?! I never thought I could be such a slob. Maybe I should just hire a maid....God, help me!!!

Doing the laundry (or having it done) is the other enemy.
It sucks when I’m already running out of clean clothes and the laundry service NEVER seems to be available for pick up when I’m home. When I finally get my clothes, though, it’s so tedious to put them back in the closet. And don’t even get me started on ironing. It doesn’t look that wrinkled naman eh. Actually, who am I kidding?!


My biggest fear is opening my mailbox.
I’m ALWAYS in denial and constant fear about the bills inside my mailbox. Wait, what? My water bill is less than P100? Wow, who knew water was so cheap!

I have become a hoarder.
You know how everyone has that one tita who just gets everything from hotels and wedding receptions? I have become THAT tita. I mean, you never know when you’ll need an extra packet of sugar or a mini sewing kit. #useful

Friends coming over has its pros and cons.
It’s all fun and games when your friends come over, but when it gets a little rowdy and you wake up to the mess they made from the night before...well, let’s just say I won’t be inviting them over for a while.

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But then again, not having a curfew anymore is actually pretty cool.
I don’t have to ask for permission to go out anymore. I can come home any time.  I can even go out of town on a whim!  Yup, life’s good!

Then one day it just hit me and I realized that I can’t live with anyone again anymore. (Well, until I get married, of course.)
This is the part where I’ve finally fully embraced my freedom and I actually enjoy my own company. I’ve established my own routine and have my own little life hacks already. Yes, the struggles and hassles will always be there, but then I’ve come to accept that they're all just really part of it. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. (Ok, I have to go back to cleaning now.)

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