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The #MomBod Is Officially A Thing Now, Too

Moms just wanna have fun!

In case you haven't heard, there's a new term going around the World Wide Web called the "Dad Bod"—a physique that looks like a formerly fit athlete has gone a bit to seed and grown a nice layer of protective fat around his muscular girth," wrote Brian Moylan [via].

Translation? Forget the abs, toned back, and ripped shoulders! #Dadbod is all about guys embracing (and flaunting) their bellies—because there is nothing wrong with eating 12 slices of pizza on weekends.

So yay, right? Not really.

After #dadbod started trending on social media, there was a clamor for the "Mom Bod" as well. Women started asking, "Why do guys get to enjoy their pizza and cake while girls have to do yoga and run a marathon and count their calories and look like Victoria's Secret supermodels at the end of the day?"

According to Time, "The problem with the Dad Bod isn’t what it says about men, but what it says about women and how we treat them."

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Now, there's an actual #mombod hashtag going around, with women posting photos of themselves being confident about their beautiful bodies:

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So here's a SO to all the moms posting their #mombod photos on social media! Y'all get an award for carrying children inside your tummy for 9 months and giving birth and raising some crazy ass, beautiful, wonderful, awesome kids.


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