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22 Things Every Millennial Mom Can Relate To

You're like, an honorary member of the #BabyBarangay.
PHOTO: Instagram/sarahlahbati

1. Your IG is flooded with baby photos because your tiny human is just so cute.
2. ...but also because you’ve totally forgotten how to pose for a photo sans baby.

 What are you supposed to do with your arms?

3. Your social media feed is flooded with all the celebrity moms and mommy bloggers you follow.

You’ve handpicked the celebs and bloggers whose babies are around the same gender and age as yours. You’re like, an honorary member of the #BabyBarangay.

4. You walk into a mall to buy yourself a new outfit, and come out with something for the baby instead. 

 Every. Single. Time.

5. You have a Pinterest board for every stage of motherhood.

Maternity style, nursery inspo, baby outfits, first birthday party pegs, toddler activity ideas…the skys the limit!

6. You got a major reality check when you first realized how much baby clothes cost.

Even if they’re tiny and doll-sized, they cost as much as regular adult clothes.

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7. Zara sales just don’t have as much appeal—because you now religiously visit Mothercare waiting for the next big sale.

Three pairs of baby leggings for P600?! STEAL! Cute baby dresses for 300? You’re buying three.
8. Designer bags and shoes are so out—because you’re all bout Fancy Baby Gear now.

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It’s worth it! It’s BPA-free, environment-friendly, ergonomic, stylish, super compact, all-in-one. And I’m gonna use it like… forever! All the celebrity moms swear by it! It’s top-rated on Amazon! It also costs as much as a pair of designer heels.
9. Online shopping is even more tempting than it ever was.

10. You and your partner are not-so-subtly trying to brainwash your baby.

His birthday gift to the baby: The latest NBA game. Yours: the whole special edition set of Harry Potter. And this is just your kid’s first birthday.
11. You are so updated on everyone’s life thanks to social media.

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What else will you do during late-night feeding sessions except scroll through Facebook and Instagram? It’s that or online shopping.

12. You constantly worry if your boobs will ever look or feel the same.

 Not to mention your other body parts. Birthing hips are REAL. 

13. But you also don’t mind as much as you thought you would.

Carrying a baby and popping him/her out, plus feeding them from your own body is MAJOR, you guys.
14. You seriously wonder how other moms seem to do it all and keep it all together.

You want to be the best mom you can be, but marvel how other moms can do EVERYTHING (they don’t).
15. You appreciate your mom so much more.

You have an entire baby encyclopedia, extra help, and moral support one text away!
16. But you also have a whole new mommy group and chat group with fellow new moms to discuss all things baby.

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 Since you’re the first mom in your barkada, you need a mommy group. Fellow first-time moms unite!
17. Dr. Google is also your best friend.

You know it’s not accurate, but you need some answers now! At 3 a.m.!


18. You haven’t had a full night’s sleep since you became a mom.


Newsflash: Sleep will never be the same. Not for the next 18 years, at least.
19. You look at time differently—everything you do is counted as time you could be spending with your baby.

Yes, even date nights and GNO. You like dressing up and going out occasionally, but you end up missing your baby halfway through the night.
20. The word “tired” has taken a whole new meaning.

You thought you knew what “tired” felt like—you were WRONG. The fatigue, baby blues, confusion, and puyat during the first few weeks of motherhood (or whenever your baby’s sick, fussy, etc), on top of work, chores, etc., give a whole new meaning to the word.
21. Every time you see your (non-mommy) friends, the questions “What’s it like to be a mom? And give birth? Does it HURT?” gets brought up.

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And you always think: “Best not to scare them…”
22. Your “gross” threshold and gag reflexes are so much stronger than you realize.

You never thought you’d ever clean anyone else’s bodily fluids…but you now do it multiple times daily, and willingly, too!

All the new things going on in your life seem crazy and surreal, but you wouldn’t change it for the world, because babies are beautiful, wonderful things that make you see the world with new eyes.

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