Thinking Of Renting A Condo Soon? Read This!

Ready to be Miss Independent?

Before even thinking of placing your signature on a rental contract, there are things that you have to consider beyond how much you'll need to shell out every month. 

1. Your landlord
Learn all that you can about who you're renting from, in the same way that you will probably be given a background check by the lessor. There have already been so many horror stories about tenants being dragged into the mess of unit owners, so doing your research can save yourself a lot of trouble.

2. The fine print 
Renting a place often means binding yourself to a contract. Before you sign anything, double check if there are any hidden charges or clauses on yearly rent increase. If there are terms or statements that you don't understand, don't be afraid to ask. After all, it's always better to be in the know than to get in a bind with no way out because you've already signed the papers.

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3. The house rules
Every building has house rules. Ask the building administration for a copy of the list and study them well. This is especially important for those who have pets, as not all condos allow them.

For more important things you should know before renting a condo, check out!

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