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This City Is Fighting Homophobia In The Cutest Way

Love is in every corner!

There’s nothing like advocating something where everyone can see it, and making people happy. Vienna has been doing both since last week!

The city installed special pedestrian stoplights that depict male-male, female-female, and opposite-sex couples holding hands. (There are hearts, too!) These lights stand in 47 intersections to call for the acceptance of gay partners and in preparation for the tolerance-related events happening next month in the Austrian capital.

While some citizens think the effort is a waste of money, the Austrian officials will keep the traffic lights permanently, as urged by more than 20,000 people who signed an online petition. They are also planning to put up more of these endearing lights in other cities.

Say goodbye to lone male stick figures, and hello to love.

Check out how they look like below!

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