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This Is Why Taylor Swift Is A True Inspiration

She is basically our entire team's #lifepeg.

1. She broadens the world’s definition of “hot.” She’s not Maxim’s hottest woman in the world only because of her looks. She’s #1 because she is smart, she has a great personality (she forgave Kanye West, after all) and she's crazy talented (Hello, eight trophies from the Billboard Music Awards!).

2. She speaks up about the inequality and double standards in society. In Maxim, Taylor stated that “feminism is probably the most important movement that you could embrace” since it’s synonymous with “equality.” She pointed out that “a woman writing about her feelings” is considered “over-sharing or whining,” while a man who does the same is “brave.” She shares that successful women like herself are being “held back” by society because they’re “threatening.” But as we have been witnessing, she doesn’t let other people bring her down.

3. She abides by her principles. When she was through hearing people complain about decreasing music sales and nobody “changing the way they’re doing things” she pulled her songs out of Spotify. She believes it’s okay to write love songs and be vulnerable, so she continues to write songs based on her personal #feels.

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4. She encourages people to hear her out. This isn’t just about the woes of heartbreak that we pick up from her spot-on lyrics. She actually wrote an op-ed on the Wall Street Journal about the need for people to see the inherent value of art, specifically music.

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5. She has awesome friends. Two words: “Bad Blood”

6. She treasures old friends. Taylor brought her high school best friend Abigail Anderson to be her plus one in the Grammy Awards last February.

7. She treats fans. Sending Christmas care packages? Asking them to star in her “Shake It Off” video? Donating money to help a fan pay for her college tuition fee? Inviting them to her place to listen to 1989 before it was released? WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THESE?

8. She embraces her past. Unlike most people who look back on their teenhood with shame or disgust, Taylor doesn’t want to cut herself off from her country-girl roots. And it’s not so that she could see how far she’s come (which somehow belittles her past). She’s actually proud of what she’s done. She told Elle, “I feel no need to burn down the house I built by hand.” Powerful words from a powerful person.

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