Top 5 Best Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? We clue you in on gift suggestions that any newlywed couple will appreciate.

Every Cosmo gal hopes to have the perfect wedding. And when we say perfect, that includes everything, from the wedding dress, the venue, the songs, down to her flower girls' nail polish!

One thing Cosmo brides have little control over is what kinds of gifts she and her man will be getting. So in case you're attending a friend's nuptials, here are some practical presents we recommend for those about to tie the knot.

1. Cash

Though gifts in kind are the more common option, presenting cash to a married couple is not exactly a bad practice. By giving money, you're allowing the new husband and wife to spend it as they see fit, and depending on their needs. You're validating their decisions and acknowledging their personality as a couple.

2. The most expensive items on their bridal registry list

A practice of segurista couples, acquiring a bridal registry listing informs guests ahead of time about the items the couple will be needing, complete with product descriptions and prices. But if you want to really surprise the couple (and if your budget allows it), select some of the priciest ones on the list because these are the ones they don't normally expect to get!

3. Upgraded hotel accommodation and plane tickets

Not all couples can afford luxury tours in prime travel destinations, but with all the discount sites available, it might not be that  difficult to get them a good deal for their honeymoon hotel stay and airfare. Make sure you check with the bride or groom's parents, maid of honor, or best man first to check what bookings they might already have and if these can be upgraded.

4. Pampering treatments or services they can enjoy as a couple

Ask any newlywed couple and they will surely say yes to a soothing massage or a romantic dinner post-wedding. Find out where they're spending their honeymoon and treat them to relaxing treatments or services available at their hotel.

5. A reliable camera to preserve memories

Give them the gift of capturing their sweetest (and sexiest!) moments together during their honeymoon and the beginning of their life together. Go for a handy digital still camera that's small enough to fit in their pockets. If you're more on the techie side, you might want to give them a DSLR for hi-res quality. Most DSLR models nowadays also have high-definition video capabilities.

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