12 Camping Date Ideas

All you need, to get away from it all, is a tent.

For most men, there is a primal sense of enjoyment that comes from shunning the trappings of civilization and returning to nature (doing it bare chested is optional).

Yes, there will be long travel times, bug bites, the endless list of things to bring, and waking up only to find your boy has transformed into Bear Grylls overnight, but nothing will secretly thrill your man more than you agreeing to go on a camping trip with him. 

Because Cosmo girls, like it or not, nothing beats the kind of private time you get by pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere. And who doesn’t want to wake up feeling like you have your own private corner in the world?

We searched far and wide for the best camping sites you and your boy can enjoy, so start packing your bags, and don't forget the bug spray. We're goin' camping!  

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