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9 *Healing* Places To Visit In Jeju Island

You may know South Korea for its lively city life but there's more to it than the skyscrapers. The Land of the Morning Calm is also where you can relax and enjoy nature at its finest, and one of the best locations to visit is Jeju Island.

While Seoul holds a special place in my heart, this province is also a dream destination for me. Whenever Jeju Island is mentioned, I can imagine a vast landscape where the sky meets the sea, and there's lush greenery (and hallabong) everywhere. It's the perfect place to spend your much-needed vacation and find the ~healing~ you're looking for. Just the thought of it makes me feel warm and cozy (Fun fact: The K-drama Warm And Cozy was filmed here!) and I can't wait to add it to my *future* itinerary!

Although we can't do a lot of traveling right now, we can always plan for it, right? And so we have the *guide* for you—from what to experience, where to stay, and where to eat. Let content creator Marc, a Pinoy Finance Operations Manager based in South Korea, take you to the *best* places in Jeju Island in this video. You can follow him on Instagram or subscribe to his YouTube channel for more stunning destinations and other Korean content. Enjoy!

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