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Go On A Cruise Around Visayas This Summer

Discover the beauty of the Philippines, one island at a time.
Picture this: one of your favorite songs is playing, you're snuggled comfortably into a cushy beanbag, the sun is on your cheeks, the wind is in your hair, and the occasional spray of seawater cools you as you bask in summer bliss. Maybe you even hear a small splash, look up, and see a wild dolphin or two coming up for air from the ocean in front of you.

Doesn't that sound like something straight out of a movie? That could be your summer vacation, right here in the Philippines.

If you find yourself in Cebu sometime this summer and you want to see more of what our 7,107 islands have to offer, Islands Banca Cruises is the ultimate trip.

(Read about a luxurious resort in Mactan, Cebu when you click on this link.)

The Islands Banca fleet is made up of larger, beautifully designed versions of the classic banca, painted a clean, crisp white and packed with amenities you wouldn't expect to see on the traditional boat: an iPod dock, WiFi (so you can Tweet and make everyone jealous in real time), and lots of beanbags scattered across the deck so you can get that perfect tan in perfect comfort.

If you're a small barkada, Islands has bancas that seat up to 15 people. If you're a bigger group, they have an island-hopping cruise meant for 20 to 35 persons. Enjoy the quiet of the ocean and the refreshing sea breeze, and sink into that state of utter relaxation as you travel from one pristine white beach to another.

Island-hopping isn't the only thing in store on an Islands Banca Cruise. Cebu is littered with marine wildlife reserves that are home to schools of colorful tropical fish, like the Gilutungan, Nalusuan, and Talima marine sanctuaries. Dock your boat by a reserve, grab a snorkel set, and jump into the water. Find Nemo (and his friend Dory), watch the marine life flourish around you, and crumble pieces of bread to draw them even closer. For the more experienced, scuba diving trips are easily arranged. For the kids, fish feeding from the deck is tons of fun. No need to fear for your safety, because aside from the available lifejackets, a trained Islands lifeguard will be in the water with you.

When you've had your fill of fun and want to fill your stomach, too, the uniformed and highly capable Islands crew on your boat will dock on a gorgeous white sand island and get your barbecue lunch (or sunset dinner, if you've been out all day) ready for you. Dine by candlelight on a sand bar in nearby Pandanon Island, Bohol, or have a lechon buffet with your barkada. Whatever you want to make your trip perfect, Islands will make it happen.

Grab your swimsuit, go see the Philippines, and like the Islands crew says, "make the islands yours" this summer!

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