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Only 500 People In The World Have This Passport

Talk about exclusive.
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As proud as your about being Pinay, don't you sometimes wish applying for visas was less stressful? I mean, we all know that compared to other passports, we're not exactly powerful. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, however, is on another level. 

If you've never heard of the Order of Malta before, it's one of the oldest Christian institutions of Western civilization. According to their website, the order "has diplomatic relations with over 100 states and the European Union, and permanent observer status at the United Nations."

Todau, the Order of Malta is active in around 120 countries through their humanitarian work. According to the Independent, the order has over 13,500 knights, dames, and chaplains as well as 80,000 permanent volunteers and 25,000 employees. And within their exclusive group, only 500 people have passports. 

That's because diplomatic passports are only given "the members of the Sovereign Council (the government), to heads and members of its Diplomatic Missions (as well as their consort and minor children), and–with very few exceptions–to senior figures in charge of a special missions within the Order of Malta."

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