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Water Bottles + Tumblers To Keep You Hydrated AF This Summer

Water you waiting for?

The Philippines may only have one season (read: HOT) but that doesn’t change the fact that we know when summer has arrived: It’s always *extra* hot. Your usual breezy walk to the MRT might have you sweating through your shirt. An additional layer to your outfit could feel like the sun is out to get you.

And there’s always the risk of dehydration creeping up on you. Commit to staying hydrated this summer and invest in a water bottle or refillable container.

You don’t want to be the person who keeps having to buy a plastic water bottle every hour. Save yourself some time, effort, and money by choosing the most eco-friendly route:

This Masflex water bottle comes with a strap and is freezer-friendly! (800 ml)

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Price: P320; Shop here

Rubbermaid’s White Hydration Bottle is stain and odor resistant. (600 ml)

Price: P999.75; Shop here

If you need one that’s easy to grip and fits most cup holders, check out this chug bottle instead (900 ml):

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Price: P649.75; Shop here

Maybe you prefer glass water bottles? This one comes with a cover! (600 ml)

Price: P240; Shop here

This S’well water bottle is Smokey Eye will give you all the sparkle you need. (17 oz)

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Price: P2,400; Shop here

This Hydro Flask tumbler promises to keep everything cool for 24 hours. (22 oz)

Price: P1,790; Shop here

And if that’s not enough, you can’t go wrong with a Klean Kanteen: 48 hours, baby. (20 oz)

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Price: P2,050; Shop here

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