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Here's Why It's Always Cold AF On Airplanes

Always pack a cardigan.
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Whenever you're about to get on a plane, do you wear more than one layer? Or immediately ask a flight attendant for an extra blanket? If you've ever wondered why airplane cabins are always freezing, it turns out, there's a scientific reason behind it. 

According to a study by the American Society for Testing and Materials International, there's a correlation between cabin pressure and fainting. A medical condition called hypoxia occurs when the body doesn't get enough oxygen. When the plane is warm, people are more likely to faint. 

The solution? Airlines keep the planes cool to keep people from fainting. If you think about it, layering your clothes or wrapping yourself up is an easier task than having people drop like flies because it's too hot. 

This might not be a problem for very long, though. Thanks to recent advancements in aircrafts, newer planes have temperature-regulating systems that allow for the temperature to be adjusted per row. *slow clap for technology* 

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Source: Insider

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