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This Is A *Gentle* Reminder Not To Work On Your Vacation Leave—Put Yourself First

Trust us, you deserve it.
Why Taking Your Vacation Leave Is Important
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Are you excited about the upcoming long holiday to recharge and relax? This is the perfect time to take time off from your busy life! Rest is essential for your physical and mental well-being, and it can help you come back to work feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle new challenges.

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While it may be tempting to check our emails and "catch up" on work backlogs during your break, we're discouraging you from doing so. 

When you choose to work during your vacation or holiday break, you may be missing out on the chance to rest and relax. You'll feel stressed and exhausted, which is the opposite of the purpose of vacation leaves. You would not disconnect from work and enjoy your time away from the office.

Plus, you may miss out on quality time with your loved ones. They may feel neglected or resentful if you are constantly working and not spending time with them. Instead of enjoying your trip, your worker bee mode may trigger arguments and possibly "ruin" the experience for everyone.


There are scientific studies that show the benefits of taking time off. The first one is obvious, you'll feel more relaxed. This study explains how the stress levels of participants were reduced after going on vacay mode.

Another study suggests that employees need time to detach from work to maintain a healthy balance. While it can be beneficial to think about work during off-job time for problem-solving and planning, it's also important to detach from work to prevent long-term health problems like burnout. 

This study will be your wake-up call: Over a period of nine years, a group of over 12,000 middle-aged men with a high risk for heart disease were observed in a study. The study discovered that individuals who took a higher number of vacations each year had a lower likelihood of dying from any cause, which includes cardiovascular issues like heart attacks.

You're taking a paid vacation leave and you are not *really* using it. This set of questions from Harvard Business Review will help you see the bigger picture:

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Would you do your job for free?

And do you take all your vacation days?

We're assuming you said no to the first question, so we hope that you file those VLs. Work is just a part of your life, and not YOUR life.

The bottom line is taking time off from work is good for you. By taking the time to rest and recharge, you can come back to work with a fresh perspective and renewed energy, which can ultimately benefit both you and your performance.

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