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What College Girls Wore To Their First Summer Party

School's over--at least for this semester! Cosmo caught some stylish kolehiyalas partying to mark the start of summer vacation!
No more homework, no more deadlines, and no more mind-boggling tests--at least for the next couple of months or so. College is fun, but we know how you, Cosmo college chicks, sometimes need to free your minds from academics, forget school, and just enjoy the warmest season! And what better way to kick off your summer vacay than to have an awesome night out with your friends and schoolmates?

That's exactly what a group of college students who formed Superfluous Productions did--they put together a crazy summer party, Mayhem, at Eivissa Superclub in Morato right after school was let out before April. The club was jam-packed with college students from all over the metro. We spotted them dancing, singing their hearts out, enjoying the free-flowing booze, posing for as many pictures as they wanted at the photo booth, and basically having the time of their lives.

As the event's official media partner, was there to experience mayhem (in a good way). Cosmo's fashion radar caught sight of some of Manila's lovely young trendsetters on the dance floor. A few went for a girly and fresh look, as they came dressed in floral prints and basic whites, while some opted to look fierce in animal prints and rock 'n' roll black. These girls certainly knew how to dress up and look stunning as they danced the night away.

No matter how simple your outfit might be, an eye-catching accessory will definitely add to the look. And since we loved their choice of party outfits, we simply had to ask: What trendy piece will you incorporate into your late-night party outfit this summer?

Take your cue from these stylish college gals, and get some new summer party outfit ideas when you check out their outfits and answers upon clicking the "view gallery" button below.
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