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What We Learned From Courageous Caitie

This is our way of remembering her very precious soul.


Caitlin Soleil Lucas was a brave young soul whose short life has inspired millions through her Facebook page Courageous Caitie.

After battling a rare blood disease called Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML) for months, and having only been properly diagnosed a few weeks ago, Catie lost her battle on March 31. She was only 3 years and 7 months old.

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Caities story, however, continues to carry on in the lives she’s touched unknowingly because her parents, Feliz and Jayjay Lucas, shared her journey for all the world to see.

Caitie, though she may be physically absent, helped us realize that the most important things in life are definitely priceless.

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Here are all the things we learned from the precious and incredibly courageous Caitie:

1. Life is so, so short and we must cherish each moment like it is our last.

2. There are things that are just beyond our control. And sometimes, we can never fully grasp why these things even happen. But what’s important is seeing meaning in life in spite of all its uncertainty. 

3. You are never alone in your struggles even if you think you are. You will always have people around you who support and cheer you on through the good and bad.

4. Find people who will stick around no matter what. These are the people who’ll hold your hand when you’re at your lowest and say, "It’s gonna be OK."

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5. It’s gonna be OK. Even if you think it won’t, one day you’ll just realize that it's already better than OK.

6. Do things that you love! Never wait another day–just live in the NOW.

7. Your parents will do absolutely anything to give you the world. Their love for you is incomparable.

8. Make time for your loved ones and never forget to tell them how much they meant to you. Every. Single. Day.

9. There will ALWAYS be a reason to smile. Trust us, there is. :) 

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