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12 Signs Your Barkada Is Making You Fat And Happy


1. Everyone looks forward to Friday barkada dinners because y'all cannot wait to eat. When all you can see on your IG feed is charcoal-enhanced yogurt, you know you guys can’t be the last one to try it out.

2. The fat kid inside is also a fat kid outside. It is a real struggle to fit everyone in one photo because everyone has gained a “little” weight over the years. And when it’s time for a #ThrowbackThursday you actually ask yourselves, “Anyare?!”

3. Your talk about where and when to eat next. Because you know that it’s important to plan things ahead of time to consider everyone’s schedule.

4. Maginhawa Food Park is your safe haven. strEAT is the barkada’s go-to place to chill because everyone can get what they want. From savory burgers to super sweet desserts, wala nang away-away kung saan kakain!

5. When you cannot count the number of times you said you’re broke AF but you keep spending money on food anyway. It's not our fault food is good?!


6. It’s such a struggle to capture an insta-worthy photo of your food. You have never perfected a #flatlay, because you have approximately three seconds to take a snap—"Will you get your hands off my pizza?!" 

7. You get excited when a friend “mentions you in a comment” on Facebook. It's probably a video on “How to make Oreo Churros” or “How to make grilled Nutella and marshmallow sandwiches.”

8. When your favorite restaurant opens a branch nearby, you know that you have to be there for the grand opening. “Guys, agahan natin para hindi tayo mawalan ng table!”

9. There is no such thing as diet. No one will take you seriously if you say “diet ako.”  Like, ever.

10. Masarapba is your favorite Instagram account“'Yung pork buns sa Tim Ho Wan... Lord, sobrang sarap!” Yaaas!

11. “Kain na lang tayo!” is something that is said a lot. Bagong break? Kain na lang tayo! Failed a chemistry test? Kain na lang tayo! Bored ka lang? Kain na lang tayo! There is absolutely nothing food can't solve.

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12. You guys take pride in knowing the best hangouts. Plus, you get questions like, "Uy, saan yan?" You wanna be selfish and not share the deets because your barkada restaurants are sacred, but hey, sharing is caring, right?

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