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Agatha Uvero Opens Up About Alleged Physical Abuse She Experienced From PBA Star Paul Desiderio

'[He] locked me in a room telling me I wouldn’t leave that room alive or both of us would die...'
Agatha Uvero and Paul Desiderio
PHOTO: Chooks To Go

Trigger warning: Physical and verbal abuse

Agatha Uvero is opening up for the first time about the alleged abuse she experienced from her former fiancé, famed basketball star Paul Desiderio.

On Twitter, the former courtside reporter wrote, “I really didn’t wanna do this but the threats have been difficult and I owe this to myself and to women out there…”

Airing her side of the story for the first time, she uploaded a series of photos at around 1:30 AM to break her silence. “I’ve talked to Paul so many times but he kept telling me to do it, and said that if his career goes down, it’s my fault. I’m done with your gaslighting, Paul.”

“You kept telling me to do this and at the end of the day no one will side with me. I have proofs, pictures, screenshots. If no one will side with me, I’ll accept it but I know the truth.”


Explaining her decision to finally speak up, Agatha wrote: “I really hate airing dirty laundry on social media, but I also don’t have it in me anymore to keep quiet just because I know that so many people empower this person and enable him to be the abuser that he is. Like all of you, I have been nothing but a fan of this man. In fact the #1 fan. In my desperate attempt to reinforce his good behavior, I always posted the best of our relationship.”

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Agatha went on, detailing Paul’s actions, some of which allegedly happened when she was pregnant with their child. “Paul Desiderio in the whole of our relationship: Strangled me until I almost threw up, gripped my face so hard to cause bruises, punched me using my own hands, threw me onto a table, a bed, and a wall,” she wrote.

“Hit my face into a car window, kicked my body twice as I lay on the floor after strangling made me weak, locked me in a room telling me I wouldn’t leave that room alive or both of us would die... [some] happened while I was two months pregnant with his child.

“I can say this truth with my whole heart. I swear to you all, if I was lying, may God punish me.”

Agatha hopes that by coming forward with her story, she can help end the cult of silence surrounding physical abuse and violence against women. “I have PTSD from the abuse I’ve endured under him and right now I’m so scared to do this but I’m thinking of all the other girls in my place.


We won’t let them be the victors while we hide as silent victims. Please, ladies, we can’t allow this to keep happening. Men should be accountable for their actions,” she concluded her post.

As of writing, Paul has yet to comment on the allegations that were made against him.